Thursday, November 3, 2011

troubles will be gone

I have been trying to wear this dress for MONTHS. I bought it when it was still summery every day and I thought the warm days would never stop coming, and I tried it on almost every morning. But I couldn't wear it in a way that satisfied me. I got it secondhand, at a local clothing exchange called The Black Market. It's a medium and hangs very loosely on my somewhat scrawny frame, but it was so beautiful I couldn't pass it up. I just figured I'd belt it and it would work fine. None of my belts looked right, though. It wasn't until I got this beast of a belt out of my costume vault for Halloween that I realized they were a perfect match. Now I just need shoes in the same shade.

This is the coat I mentioned last time, by the way, which I've had since I was in middle school. I took a lint roller to it and I'm pleased with the results. It took about an hour but it's finally black again. I'd still like a new coat because this one fits a bit awkwardly around the shoulders, but it will do for now. I was killing time in the mall after work today and I noticed this yellow coat that's 30% off in the store right now. They actually had a lot of coats on sale that were not totally hideous. Maybe once I'm not so poor. 

dress-the black market; belt-my mom's; coat-old navy (8 years ago); boots/hat/socks-wet seal; necklace-forever21

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  1. such a cute outfit! especially those boots! love it!


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