Wednesday, November 2, 2011

today is a rainy day

Today is basically a rainy day, but for a while earlier it was actually SNOWING. My body went into panic mode when I went outside, so I bundled up under layers of scarves and coats and mittens and whatnot. My least favorite thing about the winter months is that I tend to look the same every day, since I only have one really really warm coat and comfort trumps fashion when it's twenty below. I try to spice it up with an assortment of hats and scarves and gloves, but it just doesn't cut it. I'm in the market for a new winter coat right now, since my current warmest coat was purchased in 2003 (yes I was in middle school). 

In the coming weeks you will surely see my few winter looks, but I couldn't bear to take any photos while I was all bundled up today. Instead you get what was underneath.

This sweatshirt is amazing! It was my mom's, and we found it in storage this summer. It's crazy soft and fits me perfectly. My mom is a great source of free interesting clothing for a variety of reasons: 1) we are very close to the same size. 2) she has interesting taste so nothing she has is boring. 3) she lived through the eighties (and shopped, too!). 

sweatshirt-my mom; jeans-urban outfitters; boots-wet seal; belt-forever21; fur collar-hot topic


  1. love your boots, so cool <3

    I hope you will follow my blog because i'm following yours right now!
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Your hair is so cute, you remind me a little of Ellen Page!^_^

  3. Your jumper looks awesome! :D


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