Monday, November 21, 2011

morning rain

EEEEEEEEK! I LOVE my new JewelMint earrings! They're amazing, exactly what I wanted. I decided to pair them with this necklace today because silver/silver blue/blue fringe/fringe seemed too good to pass up, but they looked great with all of my necklaces. I was a bit afraid to draw attention away from them with a necklace like this, but I don't think they lost too much of their power. 

I've been wearing this corduroy shirt a lot, but did you happen to recognize my corset top from one of my first posts? Of course not, I didn't have any readers back then--just a little over a month ago! Anyway, the cool thing about the top is that it actually has a ruffle bottom that I've tucked into my jeans. I love corset tops, but this one can sometimes be a little too much with the bottom bit showing. So I tucked it in!

Let's get on with it--the photos!

jeans : tripp NYC, hot topic --- corset top : charlotte russe --- corduroy shirt, belt : forever21 --- earrings : jewelmint, won in a giveaway --- ring : pendragon jewelry --- necklace : gift, renaissance faire --- ear cuff : kansas city renaissance faire

I am totally digging my new remote, by the way. It's made it so much easier to narrow my depth of field, and just look at how crisp the focus is! Now I just need to figure out how to stop making surly faces in all of my photographs. That first photo is especially surly!


  1. I really like your outfit! The color selection is great! And that's a pretty necklace! :)

  2. the jewelry is gorgeous! love that brown shirt too, looks great on you! :)

    B x

  3. I love your earrings! The overall outfit is great!

  4. OH SNAP, HOT STUFF. Diggin' your style AND you're a total babe. Now followin.


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