Friday, November 4, 2011

some updates

Just a heads up, I changed my name on blogger/google/everywhere from Maggie to Madeline. They are both my name and I am the same person I was before. I just think Madeline looks a little better typed, and I'm trying to embrace it as my true name. Maybe next time I get bored with my name, I'll add the middle one. Madeline Opal, anyone?

I added some tabs just under the blog header. Right now it's just an about me page and a contact page, but I  will hopefully be adding some more content there soon.

I have been making a lot of small changes to the blog lately, but those alone aren't worth a post. I mainly wanted to mention that I'm on bloglovin' now and as of yesterday I have a twitter account! (you can find links on the sidebar). I have never used twitter before in my life so I will almost definitely do it wrong, but I thought it would be a good way to keep up with some of my favorite bloggers out there and maybe let a little more of my personality out into the innnernets. I'm always thinking of witty remarks about my surroundings and until now I had no way to share them with the world!

What do you think? Twitter sucks--yay/nay? How can I avoid "doing it wrong"? I'm kind of not sure how people actually communicate with each other via twitter. I'm still in the "shouting things to an empty room" phase.

I'll leave you with this crappy mirrorpic of me from I don't know, like two years ago? Lots of things have changed. It's embarrassing but my hair was glorious.


  1. LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really reaaally appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member. 

    and of course i will folback!!! :D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ 
i've just recommend your post to google!u can check it! that's what u got if you keep in touch with my blog too!! hope u will do the same ^^


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