Wednesday, November 9, 2011

comfy cords

I want to talk to you about hair. I cut mine! I'm so broke right now I can't even afford food, let alone a hair cut. But my hair has been getting unruly--the last time I had it cut, I got a mohawk. So it's all over the place. I've cut my own bangs before and it's a great way to get a new look without either breaking the bank or going to a cost cutters, both of which are painful. Of course my hair doesn't look as rad as it will when I can finally afford to visit my favorite stylist, but most people won't notice that I did it myself. 

Things to remember when cutting your own bangs:

  • Spend loads of time sectioning off the part to be trimmed. You can't be too careful. Get a second opinion on this part.
  • Make sure your bangs will be centered. I trace a line from the bride of my nose all the way to the back of my head to make sure the part is centered, and then use that line as the center of your "bangs triangle."
  • Use hair scissors. They're cheap and they make a difference, and they haven't been used to cut the rest of the potentially nasty shit in your house.
  • Cut vertically, on a slight diagonal. I'll admit, this is something I figured out from watching other people cut hair. I'm not a hair scientist, I don't know why they do it, but it certainly turns out better than when I hack it all off horizontally. 

Now as I said, I'm not claiming to be a hair scientist. You'd be much better off listening to some professional advice from someone who studied this stuff. This is just what I've learned from cutting my own bangs for approximately the last 6 years. 

So don't be afraid to take your hair into your own hands every once in a while! Take some risks ladies!

Anyways this is supposed to be a fashion blog so let's get in on this fashion. I always feel sort of dumpy when I wear pants nowadays. I'm just too comfortable to be cute! And these cords are way comfy. Once again, they're men's pants from Hot Topic. The perfect amount of skinny, and deep pockets to boot! Paired with this midriff-revealing sweater, I feel like something out of the 90s. 

jacket:urban outfitters --- sweater:wet seal --- corduroys:hot topic --- boots:thrifted --- belt:forever21 --- bracelet:thrifted --- necklace:forever21

Looking at these pictures now, I realize they are perhaps not the best of my new bangs. The good news is that the bangs aren't going anywhere and will surely make an appearance in future posts.

bye lovelies!


  1. Okay, hi, I LOVE your style and I think I'm gonna have to follow you now. This outfit is badass, and the outfit in your last post is slaying me with perfect prettiness. <3


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