Thursday, November 10, 2011

autumn beds

This is one of those ambiguous dress/shirts from Wet Seal. I usually wear it as a shirt over jeans because it's just too dang short, but the last time I washed it I made sure to hang dry it and stretch it out a little. I think it's alright now as long as I wear it over some thick sweater tights. 

Speaking of sweater tights, these are a lifesaver in the colder seasons. I can't stand the thought of wearing jeans every day but I also can't stand freezing my butt off in skirts. Enter sweater tights, the adorable cozy alternative! I love the way they look and I love how warm they are. How do you stay stylish and warm at the same time?

shirt/scarf:forever21 --- dress/boots:wet seal --- tights:urban outfitters --- sunnies:sunglass warehouse

My goodness do I need a haircut something awful.

peace out ladybirds!

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  1. ooo! love this fall outfit. looks cozy and warm and very cute

    love kat

  2. Love you style have a look at my blog

  3. Love the skirt!! Found you through Chictopia, nice blog! Hope you can visit mine!


  4. I love this outfit! Every piece is really amazing. From the boots to the pretty floral dress, it's wonderful. Sweater tights are my favorite too, they are extremely cozy, perfect for late autumn!


  5. I dn´t think is that short now ;) Love those tights!!!



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