Wednesday, November 16, 2011

those indifferent clocks

Today my DSLR remote came in the mail! I ordered it last week in the incredibly short window of time when I thought I had money to spend. Boy was I wrong! But it was too late, I'd already ordered it. Now that I have it, there's no way I could send it back. Tonight was the learning phase, but tomorrow it's gonna get real. I've got a great outfit in mind and I'm going to have some daylight to shoot in! 

After working a full day, I felt like wearing something comfortable at home. I've really come to love the way high-waisted skirts feel, so this corduroy button-down is naturally one of my favorites. I found it at Forever21 earlier this season--only around $10, if I recall correctly! As an added bonus, pockets! I don't know how anyone can wear skirts without pockets. They're a lifesaver in this colder weather and a great place to stash all my junk.

In the past I might have been wary of wearing this rust-colored sweater with the red skirt, but I think since they're both somewhat muted colors it works. Actually I think it would be fine even if they were super bright colors. I've been experimenting more with color combinations lately and it's definitely a lot of fun. I've never been one to color inside the lines.

Speaking of coloring inside the lines, I've been wearing more lipstick lately and I feel like a teenager figuring out eyeliner for the first time. I'm getting better at applying it quickly, but I'm pretty sure I looked awful at first. I've definitely been wearing this coffee color a lot. I love how dramatic dark lips look, but it doesn't draw too much attention the way some dark reds do. What do you think?

sweater/skirt/necklace:forever21 --- boots:thrifted

Yeah yeah, I know I've worn this necklace three days in a row now, but it's rad and I refuse to take it off.


  1. ha don't take it off- cute outfit :) x

  2. love your necklace! these pictures are amazing!


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