Sunday, November 13, 2011

big sky

I've noticed a definite trend in my taste toward all things western, native american, and "country." It's a style that I saw a lot of as a child, and until now I always hated it. I suppose I see less of it now that I live in a larger town, but when I lived in Fremont it was all over the place. My mom has always loved native american jewelry and art. I suppose some of her taste has rubbed off on me. 

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and finally spent that Forever21 voucher I had. There were so many amazing things in that store--it was impossible to choose! I ended up getting a scarf, a poncho, and a couple necklaces. My mom also bought me a new winter coat, but they didn't have my size so we had to order it online. I can't wait for it to come in the mail! I'm incredibly picky when it comes to winter coats, and even more so now that I'm more conscious of my appearance. It must be comfortable, stylish, and versatile enough not to get boring after five or six months of wearing it every day. I feel I found the perfect coat this time around. 

Anyways, on to today's outfit. I am of course wearing my new poncho from F21. I'm excited to come up with millions of different ways to wear it this winter. I've already discovered that it's amazing for lounging around the house. It's soft and surprisingly warm. Naturally I'm in love with the pattern.

This necklace is one of the ones I got yesterday as well. I noticed that Ashlei at Faltering Bird is wearing the same one in one of her recent posts. I can't imagine anyone seeing this in the shop and not buying it. Forever21's jewelry is always wonderful--they have such a wide selection, and it's always so affordable. This necklace was around $9, but the other one I got was only $3. 

Let's have some photos now!

poncho:forever21 --- jeans:urbanoutfitters --- boots:wal-mart --- necklace:forever21 --- belt:forever21 --- earrings:gift

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  1. I absolutely love this look! Yellow looks amazing on you. The tribal print is so much fun. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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