Monday, November 14, 2011


Today was unseasonably warm. Not crazy warm, but much warmer than it's been. It's nice to see a little sunshine and comfortable temperatures when I'm preparing for months of dull grey icy discomfort.

I still went out in a scarf, though, because this scarf is new and because the wind is always a bit chilly. I ended up changing jackets halfway through because I got so warm. Which one do you like better?

black jacket:urban outfitters --- red jacket:vintage(my mom's) --- shark t-shirt:urbanoutfitters --- shorts:hot topic --- belt:forever21 --- tights:charlotte russe --- socks:wal-mart --- boots:thrifted --- scarf:forever21

I got this necklace yesterday as well! Isn't it great? Only like $3. And it was important for me to wear this shirt today because I dreamed last night about a shark attack!

bye bye for now!


  1. At first I didn't know if I like the red plaid with the blue Indian print, but I decided I like it. It's warm on warm.

  2. Well if you put blck as a choice i´ll always pick black!!! hahahah. Love the printof the shirt! Poor one thinks he has feelings too :¨¨(


  3. Madeline, you won my JewelMint giveaway! I forwarded your contact details to them so someone from JewelMint should e-mail you soon :) Congrats!

  4. love these photos, everything about them. the setting, the colours of what you're wearing! awesome!


    Bang & Buck


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