Tuesday, November 15, 2011

it's a good day

Today started out kind of rocky--I got some new polka-dotted tights this weekend and the moment I put them on this morning I tore a huge run in them. Sad! 

But when I got home from work I found out that I won Rouge Fox's JewelMint giveaway! I'll be receiving a piece of my choice from the site... I've got my eye on the Morning Rain earrings, but I don't want to rush into this decision... the earrings are almost sold out, though, so I'd better not take too long! 

I've been hearing a lot about JewelMint lately, and I'm so glad to have an opportunity to receive one of their pieces. I was unsure at first about a site that required me to register, but it's a very simple process and makes browsing their collection way more fun. I actually really like getting personalized recommendations. Some of them fit my style perfectly and some of them are interesting pieces I might not have noticed if they hadn't been recommended to me. 

Another bright part of my day was work! I've been promoted to manager of my location and today was my first day in the new position. The good news is that I'm going to have plenty of money for clothes and jewelry soon. The slightly bad news is that I'm working more often, so it's harder to snap pictures in daylight. I'm going to have to figure out some interesting ways to photograph indoors in the dark, or brave the cold dark night with my antique flash.

So without further ado, here are the (slightly blurry) photos!

checkin' on my steaks!

shirt/necklace:forever21 --- skirt/belt/boots:wet seal


  1. LOVE the skirt, the length and print are wonderful. You are so inspiring :) Definitely following!


  2. Cute post! I definitely just heard about Jewelmint also, and I'm getting my first piece in the mail soon! Excited :) They have such great selection!


  3. You look amazing, I love your denim shirt and the print of your skirt (that rhymes, haha!) I'm sorry that you ripped your tights as soon as you put that on, I did that the other week and they were my nice expensive topshop ones that I was really excited to wear :-/!


  4. Absolutely love the print on your skirt! x


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