Saturday, November 5, 2011

the things we can't give away

Today was super freaking windy, but I think if it weren't for that these pictures would be my best so far on the blog. They might be anyway. I took a jog down to the storage shed where my mom shoved all my stuff when I went to college, and while I was there I took advantage of the setting for some photo time. It was mostly deserted which meant not a lot of stares from strangers.

I suppose some of my problems with my self-portraits might come from the fact that I'm not a model and have never been particularly photogenic. I need to figure out how to make my face and neck and hands not look so awkward. This blog is a great way for me to improve my photography and to develop some modeling skills. I by no means want to be a professional model, but it wouldn't hurt for me to stop looking awkward all the time.

So let's talk about the clothes.

These tights! I bought them on accident, thinking they were solid black. I was so happy when I realized they were the faux-socks kind that I've been seeing around so much lately. I've been wearing them to work a lot, so it's nice to finally wear them with something a little more colorful than my uniform.

I didn't realize until I got dressed that everything but the tights came from Forever21. I love that store and I did a lot of shopping there this summer, so it's bound to happen occasionally. In fact, I have a F21 voucher I need to spend... I could spend it online, but that store is so much fun to visit I might have to make the drive to Omaha.


shoes/skirt/belt/blouse/shirt/necklace-forever21; tights-charlotte russe; ring-Pendragon Jewelry


  1. Ooh pretty photos. I love the colour of your skirt and your shoes.


  2. This is definitely my favorite outfit of yours! :)
    Everything matches perfectly! And those colors- so beautiful! :)

  3. cute skirt and shoes! what about we following each other blog? :D


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