Saturday, October 22, 2011

timber timbre timber timbre

Today's outfit is a good example of how I make the best of my limited shopping options. Everything I'm wearing came from either Forever21 or Wet Seal. I hate hate hate going into Wet Seal. All of the people who work there are super rude to me, and most of their clothing is the worst kind of skanky. But they do have the occasional gem, and they always have sweet clearance sales. Yesterday I was working and I saw they were offering any 5 clearance items for $20. I picked up a couple pairs of boots that are normally like $30-$40, a swimsuit, a body-con skirt, and this asymmetrical skirt which I have been eying for a couple of months. I'm definitely pretty proud of myself. Wet Seal may be horrible, but it's one of the few stores in my mall that has clothing I'm sometimes willing to wear. I just look for pieces that aren't sequined or bedazzled in any way, and I pretty much always stick to clearance. At least it's cheap.

Forever21 is one of my favorite stores because their prices are always so reasonable. Unfortunately the nearest one is about an hour away, so I don't get there very often, but I always find something excellent and affordable. They always have a huge quantity of stuff to sift through, and like I said, CHEAP. Forever21 was my bread and butter this summer when I was all about lace and high-waist shorts.

This oversized stretchy belt is a favorite of mine... you can see it pop up here, here,and here. The dark brown goes with basically everything, and I love the oversized closure... very adorable. Wide stretchy belts are something I basically stayed away from until this summer. I didn't like the stretchy look, but now I realize that they're super comfortable and they add a nice waist to any outfit.

Shirt-Forever21; Skirt-Wet Seal; Belt-Wet Seal; Earrings-Forever21


  1. Love the skirt!
    Great outfit actually !

  2. Great photos,
    I really love the forever 21 skirt!
    I'm having a give-away on my blog and hopefully you'll join :)

  3. Wet seal is definitely harder to pick through than F21, but that skirt was worth it. I love a good fishtail hem.

  4. I've never been to forever 21 before but I'm wanting to pay a visit. I love your skirt, the shape and pattern are both lovely.



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