Thursday, October 13, 2011

son of a gun!

This skirt is one of my thrift finds from the other day. I absolutely love how easy it is to find patterned skirts like this at thrift stores. These kinds of skirts usually look horrible on the rack, so I just grab a few of the most ridiculous-looking skirts I can find and then try them all on. 

I've found that while shopping in thrift stores I have to completely ignore the sizes on the labels. For one thing, standard sizes seem to change all the time, and for another, I'm not necessarily going to wear the clothing how it was intended to be worn. If there's something I like, it's likely the only one there, and god dammit I'm going to make it fit somehow.

This bag is one of my favorite buys of the year. A good bag can do wonders for otherwise kinda boring outfits. And a bag like this that's so neutral and AWESOME will be a part of my outfits for a long time. While I was in school I used it as a backpack, and now it's just a purse. I got it on clearance, too!

Skirt-Thrifted; Top-Wet Seal; Boots-Wet Seal; Necklace-Icing; Bag-Urban Outfitters; Sunglasses-Sunglass Warehouse

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