Tuesday, October 18, 2011

no patience!

I had absolutely no patience for taking pictures today. I was feeling frustrated when I got dressed and completely dissatisfied with my outfit. I need to sit down with my closet and figure some things out, I think. Also I need to do laundry. But seriously, I felt like there was no point in even getting dressed today. I have to go into work early, so I'm just going to have to put on my uniform in a few hours anyway.

I think I need some new inspiration. I just feel like a lot of my outfits don't really correspond with the image of myself I have in my head. It would also help if I had someone to take pictures for me. I'm getting sick of this self-timer stuff. It just takes so long, and I can never get it right, and I have to stay inside, and ARRRGGGHH!

I think I'm also feeling some pressure not to re-wear my favorite pieces very often, since I'm posting my outfits here and on lookbook now. Is that something I should even be worrying about?

blazer-forever21; dress-t.j. maxx; tights-forever21; necklace-forever21; boots-wet seal


  1. That's a really nice outfit! I love your blazer and those boots are great! I really like your blog!

    I am new to blogging and I can see that so are you, so maybe wanna follow each other?


  2. I love this Fall look ! It so great when you can start layering and get out the browns and burgundys. Those tights looks sweet with the sort of texture on them going on, and your necklace is really different, I like the modern look to it. I think I need those boots too.

  3. If you're worried about re-wearing things, don't. Because you have a limited supply of clothing (it is Lincoln), you have the opportunity and challenge to mix things up. Be creative in how you put items together and try taking what you have and wearing them in different/new combinations. You look great whatever you wear. Beautiful!!!!!!


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