Thursday, October 27, 2011

are you gonna let me in

So today I decided to finally take my self-timer and tripod out into the wide world. It made me crazy nervous, but I went to a big park where I knew I'd be able to find a few spots without tons of people around. It was super frustrating trying to focus and stuff, but maybe that will get better with practice. So the shots aren't my best, but I know they'll get better. I did end up staring a few people down who seemed to think I was putting on a show for them. Can't a girl take pictures of herself in public in peace?!

Anywho, on to the outfit. These boots! Oh goodness, these boots. Would you believe they cost me $7 new? One of the perks of working at a clothing store (aside from the discount, obviously) is that you find out about deals like these. We were having a clearance sale, and I was dragging out all of the old clearance stuff from the back room. My manager didn't think I should bother going through all of the old shoes, but I looked through them on my break and found these beauties. Clearance + extra 50% off clearance + my employee discount = $7 boots that no one else had.

This shirt was a gift from my dad a few years ago. Unfortunately it didn't fit quite right so I never wore it. Then one week I went through my closet and DIYed the heck out of a bunch of old tees, and voila! I have a new rad tank top. I was thinking of doing the same thing again soon with a new batch of tees, since I really don't wear tee shirts very often anymore. Maybe a special blog post with some no-sew DIY tee shirt alterations? We'll see. 

 Jacket-Urban Outfitters; Shirt-Helmet Girls; Skirt-Forever21; Boots-Hot Topic; Belt-Wet Seal; Sunnies-Sunglass Warehouse; Necklace-Hot Topic

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