Sunday, October 16, 2011

the devil's in the details

So yesterday ended up being way more exhausting than I thought. The drive down to Kansas City took us an extra 2 1/2 hours, and the drive back an extra hour. So I didn't end up getting any photos of my outfit. I'll recreate it again soon so y'alls can see.

Anyways, though, I gots some clothes on today. I'm wearing one of my purchases from yesterday--a leather hair leaf thing. I've been eying these for no less than 15 years--since my first renaissance faire. Either I didn't have enough hair, or I wanted something else more, or I thought they were too expensive... but this year my mom bought one for me! I'm very happy with it.

Jeans-Urban Outfitters; Sweater-Forever21; Belt-Forever21; Hair Leaf-KC Ren Fest


  1. Exquisite sweater.

  2. Love the hair leaf thing ! its adorable, really unusual. Im loving those floral pants too, ive got this whole floral need all of a sudden, all i see is floral. Cute outfit !

  3. That crochet top is really cute. They are so in style right now, too! I love how you can layer them.
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