Thursday, October 20, 2011

the colors!

I was very satisfied with my outfit today. The skirt is one of my favorites, the tights are new, the boots are awesome and new... and the colors! The perfect fall colors fit together so well. My couch is rust-colored, just a little redder than my tights, and sitting on it I felt like the perfect embodiment of fall.

These boots are a really good example of an excellent thrift find. You won't always find the perfect thing when you're thrifting--thrift stores are obviously hit and miss. But if you go in with an idea of a few things you might want (some kind of boots, a long patterned skirt, etc.) it gives your hunt focus and makes the whole process much more fun. Sifting through loads and loads of people's old crappy clothes gets tiring after a while. If you have a goal, it's easier to know when the trip is successful. And you can still find fun surprises, of course.

shirt-forever21; skirt-forever21; tights-charlotte russe; boots-thrifted; necklace-Two Geminis Mint; scarf-forever21; jacket-urban outfitters; sweater-pacsun(like 6 years ago); bag-ixchel; tail-KC Ren Fest


  1. Those boots are really cool! Nice find! ;) I also like your necklace, it looks really interesting!

  2. Love this skirt I'm actually wearing it today haha!

  3. Those boots are an amazing find! Love your entire outfit. It's so perfect for fall!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. Love the photography
    and the way you layered your outifts.

    great colors for fall..
    #nowfollowing your blog.


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