Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm under your spell

So I dressed today without realizing that most of my clothes came from Hot Topic. I bought a lot of stuff there while I worked there. A lot of what I bought was band t-shirts, and I used to wear those pretty much every day, so realizing I was wearing all clothes from Hot Topic wasn't a rare occurrence.

My style has changed a bit, though, so today I was surprised. These shoes were one of my favorite finds at Hot Topic. I got them during a clearance sale, so after my employee discount they were crazy cheap. Plus they were an online only item, so no one else around here has them.

The corset top is one of my favorite kinds of tops. They're actually really great for people with tiny boobs, like me. I most certainly don't have to wear a bra, and they fit tight, which looks good on my scrawny frame. They tend to look pretty bad on well-endowed girls because they draw a lot of attention to curves. On me, it's just kinda edgy.

These shorts were the first pair of cutoffs I've made in a long time. The original jeans had a lot of rips in them when I got them, so they were in tatters pretty quickly. I like the way they fit, though (they're men's!) and I couldn't let them go. I love love love love love men's skinny jeans. They're tight in all the right places, and they have regular-sized pockets. They also tend to rise a little higher on me because guys need a bit of room around the crotch. I don't, of course, so I just pull them up. PLUS PLUS PLUS these have a button-fly. Totally perfect. I'm glad I bought a second pair of the jeans before I quit my job at HT.

shorts-cutoffs from Hot Topic; corset top-Hot Topic; boots-Hot Topic; tights-Urban Outfitters; sweater-so old I can't remember


  1. the corset detail is sickkkk!

  2. awesome jorts!

    We love your blog and your style is badass, we are following you now.

    The Fashington Press


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