Saturday, December 3, 2011

the white rabbit's timekeeper

I recently won this Shabby Apple pocket-watch necklace in a giveaway on paper doll theory and I received it in the mail a few days ago. I must have given them the wrong shipping address, because the address on the package was one digit off from mine! But luckily the local post office figured out the mix-up and got it to the right mailbox. 

I realized the address had been mixed up when I got an order confirmation from Shabby Apple, and I'd like to say that their customer service was excellent. Because the package had already been shipped by the time I contacted them, they encouraged me to contact the post office and see if I could get it that way, but they also offered to send me another necklace as a replacement! How great is that? Ultimately it was delivered to the correct address so I didn't need a replacement, but their dedication to excellent customer service definitely made an impact.

So let's have a look at the thing!

The packaging was rather unimpressive (just a USPS cardboard envelope with the necklace wrapped in bubblewrap inside) but the item itself is very nice. It seems to be very sturdily constructed and without defect. There was this cute fabric tag attached to the necklace with the Shabby Apple logo on it!

The front cover springs opens when you push the button on top, which is very cool. Pulling up and turning this knob allows you to set the time, but here's the hugely disappointing part--it's not a functional clock. It's still a beautiful piece of jewelry, but if I had paid the retail price of $64 for it, I would be pretty upset. There's nothing on the product page to suggest it's not a functional watch. The fact that it has a second hand fooled me into thinking it was real. Oh well.

Another discrepancy with the product page is that the front cover is cut-out, not glass. They also said that the watch face is golden-brown colored glass, when it's actually clear plastic. These are minor variations which don't bother me much at all, and it's still a beautifully-crafted piece of jewelry. The detailing on the watch cover is lovely, as is the back of the watch.

Just look at that intricate engraving! This necklace definitely has that vintage feel that is so cool about a lot of Shabby Apple's merchandise. 

I have one last minor complaint--the chain is just barely big enough to get over my head. Now, I've come to realize over the years that my head circumference is slightly larger than average, but I still think it would have been a good idea to put a clasp on it!

Overall I'm still super thrilled to have won this amazing necklace! I haven't been sure exactly how to style it, which is why it hasn't shown up in any outfit posts recently. Any suggestions? I don't have a lot of vintage-y clothing that really suits a piece like this.


  1. That's a really cute necklace! :)

  2. the detail on that watch is beautiful!!
    laur xx

  3. Such a lovely timepiece! I wish I could wear something like that, except I'd never be able to give up my watch for it :P Darling little blog :)


  4. Beautiful! I have one very similar to this that my boyfriend bought me last Christmas...but the chain broke :'(

  5. that is a beautiful necklace!


  6. I won a Shabby Apple skeleton key necklace from a giveaway and feel the same way about it! It's cute and hey, it was free, so no complaints there, but the chain just barely fits over my head and it's sort of an awkward length. Another inch or two would have made it perfect! But overall, I do like it!

  7. Oh itwould sure be a great piece if it was an actual functional clock! Sometimes onlne shopping can be a bummer, but i think you made a great purchase with this one even all those details you told. The details on the cover..justinsane!


  8. i almost forgot about this giveaway! i'm so glad your prize didn't get lost in the mail. it really is a gorgeous piece but it really sucks that it isn't functional! disappointing. sorry dear. didn't know that myself. but it does look beautiful. :)

    love kelly

  9. what a neat little thing! haha! so cool :)


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