Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy st. valentimes!

Well hello there, readers! Is there anybody left?

I have been very busy since we last talked, very very busy. The good news is that my schedule is going to be much more spacious very soon, which will leave lots of time for blogging! The bad news is that it's because I'm losing my job. My store is closing, and with the way things are looking now, I'm going to have to make do with part-time work for a while.

The best thing to come out of this is that it's kickstarting my aspirations of becoming a real-life photographer! I've invested in some new equipment and I'm going to start looking for clients. I know there's a lot of overlap in the fashion blogging and photography worlds. Are any of you professional photographers, or do you want to be? It's like my dream job, I can't wait!

Anyways, what with the holiday and all, I decided to get all fancied up. Check it:

The dress is from the clearance rack at DEB. I can't resist scrounging for marked-down prom dresses. I'd wear them all the time if that was at all reasonable! And this dumpy cardigan is the one I wear to work almost every day, hence the dumpiness. But the dress is strapless, and it's cold.

Look forward to more frequent updates!

dress:DEB -- cardigan:TJMaxx -- tights:Hot Topic -- necklace:my mom's


  1. The necklace is beautiful! You look lovely. Love Valentine's Day! Check out my post on it? http://avatallulah.com

  2. Love your dress, you are gorgeous

    A little bit Unique


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